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The Details
Autumn Blessings

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tired, Running Late, Busy Morning?

Adam (my son) and I were driving to Grandma's this morning, where he would stay while I subbed as a 7th Grade English teacher, and I couldn't get over how beautiful the sky was - just before the sunrise.  Tired, and not especially excited for work, I didn't mention it at first, but as we kept going, I had to point it out (despite lack of energy). 
We observed that it was pink, orange and purple and he pointed out the clouds he thought looked "cool" (one of his new 2 year old words :).  I told him that God gave us the sky this morning, the orange/red/yellow trees, the corn, the cows, the grass - all of nature (another word I'm teaching him); God was all around us.

On my way out the door I encouraged Grandma to take a look, mentioning how amazing the sunrise was.  Adam chimed in to matter-of-factually explain,

"God made the sky pretty", 
"God is up in the sky". 

Both ideas that I had introduced for the first time this morning and didn't think he could even comprehend.  At that moment, I was overcome with emotion - adoring his child-like faith.    
I am so glad that I shared my awe and appreciation for the simple gifts that I often overlook or take for granted.

Can I do this every day?  Moments like these make me want to...

I ask: What do we focus on (and teach our kids) on the way to work/daycare/run errands; even when we're tired, running late, contemplating all we have to do? 

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